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Shenzhen Mintaian Risk Management Institute (hereinafter shortened as “the Institute”) was founded in Sep. of 2013, whose predecessor, Risk Management Dept. of Mintaian Property Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd., has been proceeding safety management and risk appraisal since 1998 for functional departments of all levels of government, People's Courts, large state-owned enterprises, domestic and overseas insurance companies, P&I Clubs, insurance brokers, etc. The Institute accumulates rich experience of risk identification/estimation/evaluation, disaster prevention and related technical literatures in the practice, grasps the nature and rules of occurrence of risks, develops large amount of measures to prevent and control risks.

The Institute has around 120 employees, among which 38 with master degree or above and 64 with bachelor degree, majoring in over 30 fields, such as Safety Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics, Biological Sciences, Sociology, Finance and Insurance. With the goal of To Build the Most Powerful Service Platform of Risk Management & Safety Construction in China, upholding the operation principle of “Specialized Resource Development, Efficient Resource Integration, Valuated Resource Application and Elaborated Resource Management”, insisting on the combination of basis research and application research and the policy of application research as the main purpose, the Institute carries out the practical researches in related areas with the core direction of Risk Response & Urban safety Construction.

The business scope of the Institute includes: Urban Risk Analysis and Appraisal; Research on Safety Management & Emergency Management; Research on Catastrophe Risk Management; Research on Risk Management of Enterprises Safety Production; Research on Risk Management of Traffic Safety; Research on Risk Management of Fire Protection; Research on Risk Management of Agricultural Production; Research on Risk Management of Public Safety; Research on Risk Management of Health; Risk Appraisal of Society Safety; other researches relating risk management; scientific research, achievements, information exchange and services of risk management; holding Risk Management Forums.

ICP Record: Beijing ICP No. 05030956